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Our Response and Path Forward

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Bristol Myers Squibb CEO Giovanni Caforio reflects on the death of George Floyd and other African Americans.

For Patient Advocacy Groups


Measures we’re taking to deliver for patients and protecting the communities we serve.

Our Corporate Brand


Discover why the new Bristol Myers Squibb has what it takes to help more patients than ever before.

Survivorship Today


Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown explores cancer survivorship during a global pandemic.



When Career Change Equals Career Growth

All professionals experience change throughout their careers, but few seek it out regularly. For Catherine Owen, senior vice president, Major Markets, career growth through a lattice – instead of the typical career ladder – proved to be a strength. Learn about what she considered before making her career changes. 

News & Perspectives


Drive-in Learning Draws a Crowd

Our BMS colleagues in Denmark teamed up with Aarhus University Hospital to bring 250 melanoma patients and their families to the drive-in, but not to see a movie. They were there for an educational program about what steps to take post-surgery to help prevent a recurrence. 



Our New Therapy is Available Now

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Looking for Answers?

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Clinical Trial Information for Researchers

Clinical trials and research are a critical part of bringing new medicines to patients.


Information and resources to assist with caring for patients.


If you are a patient in the U.S. struggling to understand your coverage or pay for your medication, we may be able to help.